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Riding [R]ogue

20121213-221120.jpgI feel like there is never enough time to draw like I want to.

So it’s bittersweet. The daily create gave me an excuse to spend some time but I’m in full prep mode for my annual holiday party–that’s right, we’re talkin thumbprint cookies and hand-dipped chocolate pretzels–and couldn’t really kill this like I wanted to.

Still, it was fun, and took about ten minutes. The paper is, which I had just received for free at Kroger (they were giving them away). I like to think that the guy in the picture was imagining burning rubber across the 80 through Nevada while an intern was snapping his picture, maybe hearing Willy Nelson’s voice in his ear…


3 comments on “Riding [R]ogue

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  2. Handee
    January 8, 2013

    … maybe snacking on a bag of Funions.

    • B Short
      January 8, 2013

      You’re snacking on a bag of Funions.

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