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Finishing the joke

Bagman duck

Bagman returns!

Roughly a third of the bagman videos that I have made involve getting tongue twisters and jokes wrong, bleeping out innocent works, mucking up punchlines. It’s his wheelhouse, his strike zone. If you’re having a “Telling Jokes Wrong” party, you better invite the bagman.

Anyway, I recorded this with my webcam (obviously) and edited it with Windows Live MovieMaker, which crashes a lot (on my computer), but is pretty useful for quick and easy edits. No special effects or anything, just slicing up the scenes and putting them out of order (out of the order they were recorded, anyway).

I’ve been watching what Katherine Jaeger is doing over the Angst Cat tumblr (Katie is awesome, we were in graduate school together), and it’s been inspiring me to get back into the bagman video business. It was also fun addressing, head on, the whole telling jokes wrong thing, showing how self-aware bagman is and can be. Because, seriously, just tell a joke straight, right? Right. I know. I just said I know. Okay. Right.

This was made for TDC 339.


One comment on “Finishing the joke

  1. blargcity
    January 8, 2013

    Bleep may just be my favorite of the Bagman series. Heath Ledger’s performance was just so amazing. Bleep is definitely Bagman’s Empire Strikes Back. Dark, full of cursing and sexual tension. That stark ending, Bagman just staring right out at the audience with that haunting, neutral expression. Not blinking at all.

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