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Pink 3

It’s not as bad as thinking of the perfect comeback after the person (who insulted you?) has already left, but it can be frustrating coming up with an idea for a ds106 dailycreate the day after it hits.

This was simple, cutting the words out of a pink post-it note and then photographing the silhouette and the stencil.

There’s something more satisfying, sometimes, about arts-and-craftsing a digital project (like “Riding [R]ogue”), even if it’s a quick one.

One thing I figured out–or started to think about, anyway–was how to operate the dozens and dozens of filters that I have at my disposal. I usually shoot with the camera+ app, which has 36 filters. Then, if I broadcast the photo with instagram (which I didn’t do with this one), I’ve got access to another 18 filters since the September expansion. Then, if you upload it to flickr, you get another 15 filters. Which–and it’s been awhile since I did polynomials–is 9,720 total possible filter combinations, which is 9,718 more than I need right now since I only use the blurry one and the black-and-white one.

I think these (the “pink” photos) were just the regular photos plus Flickr>Ocelot.

This photo was made for TDC 338.


2 comments on “[PINK]

  1. CogDog
    December 15, 2012

    I’m enjoying seeing your new blog– have you added it to the site se we can be syndicating in all the awesomeness? cheers (and give my regards to the Bag Dude)

    • andessurvivor1776
      December 17, 2012

      Good point! Good point! Syndication (don’t I need four seasons?)


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