Digital and Analog Storytelling

The entire history of human expression, slightly abridged

Tips for Digital Storytelling

CC User Thoth92

CC User Thoth92

Four tips for digital storytelling students in RCCORE 334.003!


Make sure to share all of the stuff that you’re working on. Post it to Twitter when you post it to your blog, that way everyone in the class knows that something new is up.


In order to see each others’ tweets of course, that means that you have to be looking for #umdst posts (you can follow hashtags on Twitter or using Tweetdeck, which is what I use), and it also means that you should be following each other. The easiest way to find classmates is through the #umdst tag.


You should get in the habit of regularly commenting on each others’ blog posts and also on each others’ creations. This is weekly, sometimes daily work, and it’s part of your participation grade, so make sure you’re on it.


Make sure that you’re attributing the media that you use on your blog, whether it’s Creative Commons or not. Letting the readers and viewers know where you got something so that they know where to find the original, if they’re interested.


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