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NEWSWIRE: Blog Roll, Tweep Roll, Extra Reads

CC Gary Brown

CC Gary Brown

Alright alright alright–let’s get al of this stuff in one place.

Three significant accomplishments so far for UMDSt. I have a complete blog roll up and running. I have a semi-complete list of Twitter handles for the class. And I also have our first list of articles and videos that have naturally begun to bubble up through our online discussion of the course material (Larry Lessig and Girl Talk tend to bring this out of people, I guess).

First, here is the blog roll call for UMDSt:

And here is the Tweep roll call (so far):















And here are three resources pertinent to today’s reading that have come up naturally in blog posts and comments about RIP! and Larry Lessig’s Ted Talk.

“The Great Tech War of 2012,” from Fast Company

“Why the Music Industry Isn’t Suing Mashup Star Girl Talk,” from paidContent

“Everything Is a Remix,” hosted on Vimeo


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