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Charlestown Playhouse

A drawing of Charlestown Playhouse

A drawing of Charlestown Playhouse

Charlestown Playhouse was founded in Elizabeth Foster Stonorov, whom we all knew as Miss Betty. It is an old-looking building with a black overhang over the front door, and it has a kind of deco blockiness that dates its architecture. Behind the building were woods where I and the other kids played tagged, pretended to be pirates, learned to identify trees by their leaves, gathered sap for maple syrup, and contracted tons and tons of poison ivy. Many of the kids I went to school with still remember it fondly. It is the kind of place that tends to make zealots out of people who find it.

Miss Betty was family friends with Erik Erikson (the developmental psychologist) and the Bacon family. Michael Bacon (Kevin’s brother) often came during the summer and sang songs for us, including a song I’m pretty sure he wrote about Charlestown Day Camp, where I also went.

If it’s not obvious, the drawing is of the front of the building, where I and the other kids would arrive in the morning. After you go inside, the Old 4s classroom will be on your left, and the 5s is on your right (or that’s what the layout was when I went there…it’s been awhile).

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