Digital and Analog Storytelling

The entire history of human expression, slightly abridged

Homework Broadcast #4

CC flickr ColorblindRain

CC flickr ColorblindRain

For Wednesday:

  • Post to your blog, explaining what specific goals you are hoping to meet by the end of this video section of the course. Both personal and technical goals are welcome.
  • Read: Wired for Story–Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2; Making Media–Composing the Frame, Depth and Movement in the Frame, Light
  • Daily creates: We will talk about this in class.
  • Completion of in-class assignment: We will talk about this, also, in class

For Sunday–

  • Read (and post a blog response to one of the three): “Notes on Camp,” by Susan Sontag; “Notes on Art So Bad It’s Good,” by Douglas Wolk; “The Syncher, Not the Song,” by Douglas Wolk
  • Post a response to one of those readings on your blog
  • Be working on your three major videos
  • Daily creates/video creates: Two more
  • Weekly summary post: By Sunday midnight

Reminder–Tweet all of your blog posts, so your classmates can follow along.

Reminder 2–Keep up the commenting! Tons of good discussions happening.


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