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Goals for DS Video

Here he is, Mr. Brains-on-Top

Here he is, Mr. Brains-on-Top

I have two major personal goals for the next three weeks, during the video section of UMDSt.

The first thing I want to do is get better at Premiere (I’ll be using Windows Movie Maker for my three class videos, eff-why-eye). I have two gigs of video tutorials that I’ve been sitting on for six months or so, poking at them now and again, but now I really want to sit down and get cracking on it. What’s a slip edit? What basic effects come with it and are easy to use? So much of the startup labor for software (whatever software it is that you are using) is just getting through the manual and figuring out how the workflow works(flows). So that’s the first goal.

The second goal, inspired by Maria’s post, I want to do at least one of my three videos on Mister Brains-on-Top, a comic strip character I used to do back when I lived in San Francisco (just for friends in the office and bookstores that sold that kind of zine-y stuff). I have an idea for a kind of stop-motion-animation-kind-of-movie-thing where the character is moving slightly, just shivering really, and the text appears above him, that’s the joke. Also, a little bit of sound editing should really help, I think, make the scene feel like a comic strip come to life, which I think would be a cool effect.

That’s it. Time to get to work.


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