Digital and Analog Storytelling

The entire history of human expression, slightly abridged

A Survey of the Literature

Some examples of viral videos:

David after dentist

Free Hugs

Star wars kid

Where the hell is Matt?

Numa numa

Gangnam style

Little Superstar

Did you ever have a dream

Boom goes the dynamite

Mountain climber intro

Miss Teen USA–South Carolina responds

Evolution of Dance

The question is–What is binds these things together aesthetically? Is there a “meme” or “viral” aesthetic sensibility? How would you describe that sensibility? Is it related to camp? Is it related to SOBIG?

Feel free to leave your favorite viral videos in the comments…


One comment on “A Survey of the Literature

  1. samcp25
    February 4, 2013

    Kittens inspired by kittens:

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