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UMDSt Collaborative Filmmaking Project: An Update


A quick update for non-UMDSt storytellers on the state of our movie.

Last Wednesday, during class, we brainstormed as a class on ideas for a collaborative movie that we’re making this week to close out our section on digital video.

The movie will consist of seventeen short scenes/sequences—between thirty seconds and one minute in length—and will tell one story in smaller, bite-sized increments.

Some ideas for our movie included:

  • A made-up U-M tradition (including a funny hat, maybe?)
  • Scenes from a bus in which everyone is on the bus at the same time and the audience gets to see/hear the bus-riders’ thoughts and emotions
  • A cooking show, in which each person gets to do one part of the recipe

I won’t tell you the idea that we landed on, except to point you back to the graphic at the top of this post.

In yesterday’s class, we proceeded to get a clearer idea of what we were actually going to film. First, we broke the film down into sections using Freytag’s pyramid as a guide—one group for exposition, one group for the inciting incident, one group for the rising action, one group for the climax.


First we talked as a class, nailing down the details, and then we broke into groups, with each group brainstorming its own scenes. Finally, we had everyone describe their scenes to the whole class to make sure they all fit (as much as possible) together.

This Wednesday, during class, students will film and edit (or begin to film and edit) their portions of the storyline. The goal is to have this all done by next Monday or, at latest, Wednesday.

Anyway, just wanted to update everybody and let you know what we were up to this week in UMDSt.

Eat your heart our, Christopher Guest.


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