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Homework Broadcast 02/17/2013

CC ColorBlindRain

CC ColorBlindRain

Homework broadcast–UPDATED! PLEASE READ!

For Monday, February 18–

For Wednesday, February 20–

  • All final UMDSt videos are DUE!!!
  • That means three final, personal videos; one group education video; one individual video for “Project Beardfish”
  • No blog posts other than those that go with the movies!
  • Come to class ready to begin working with digital audio!

For Sunday, February 24–

  • Read excerpts from Radio On by Sarah Vowell and Listening In by Susan Douglas (both readings are in CTools)
  • Blog a response to one of the readings
  • Post your weekly summary
  • Complete two short create projects, either audio creates or daily creates
  • Record vox pop material: 4-5 people asking and answering the question you received in class

2 comments on “Homework Broadcast 02/17/2013

  1. thirstytony
    February 24, 2013

    For today’s homework, it says “record vox pop material”. Are we supposed to upload it to soundcloud or are we going to use the material in class somehow?

    • B Short
      February 25, 2013

      You’ll need access to it, so either through soundcloud or on your hard drive

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