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Vox pop post-op: Tips and tracks

She's auditing. CC lewishamdreamer

She’s auditing.
CC lewishamdreamer

The term “vox pop” comes from the phrase “Vox populi, vox Dei,” which means “The voice of the people [is] the voice of god.” Just so you know what they heck you were doing last week.

The term refers to the brief, man-on-the-street-style piece (it can be video or audio) that features a number of people responding to the same question.

The pieces that came in were overall very good. A few things to keep in mind for vox pop, though.

  1. Make sure you have each person ask the question before they answer. Having audio of people asking the question allows you to fill out the rest of the piece if the answers tend to be short or you only get a few good answers.
  2. For very short answers, ask follow-up questions. If the question requires a number as an answer, ask “How do you know?” or “What makes you say that?” For yes or no questions, ask, “Why?” or “Why do you think that’s true?”
  3. Make sure your mic isn’t turned all the way up. This is a general audio rule, but be careful not to record things on a mic that is turned up too high (sometimes called a “hot” mic). The audio might wind up overmodulated, ruining the audio.
  4. Loud voice, low music. The voice should be CLEARLY audible over the music. They shouldn’t be competing.

Keep these suggestions in mind as you move on to making your radio projects. We’ll talk a bit next week about interviewing tips, structuring an audio piece, and editing.

And if you haven’t heard all of the vox pop already,  give them a listen! As always, leave your thoughts in the comment area below.


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