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Homework Broadcast 03/11/2013

CC ColorBlindRain

CC ColorBlindRain

Our final week and a half in digital audio!

You should be working hard on your radio pieces at this point, and to help with carving out time, I am suspending the daily create requirement for this week, all the way through next Wednesday (when the audio pieces are finally due).

For Wednesday, have a complete first draft of your radio piece ready for workshop! Post it to Soundcloud and leave it there (our guest speakers for next week will be listening and may give feedback, also).

By Sunday midnight, listen to two documentaries–one on infant mortality, and another on living with cancer–from our radio journalism speakers who are coming next Monday, Jennifer Guerra and Rebecca Williams, and post a blog response to one of the documentaries or else to both of them.

Make sure that you leave yourself enough time to write, produce, edit, listen, and blog!

There are no daily creates and no weekly summary this week (just the one response to the radio documentaries). Take that extra time and work on your audio pieces!


2 comments on “Homework Broadcast 03/11/2013

  1. Janus Ajax (@JanusAjax)
    March 18, 2013

    So I made some edits to my audio piece in audacity but something seems to be corrupted because all the audio waves are gone and it shows where it was but there isn’t any audio. The piece plays but it’s just silence. Since the original audio I used is on soundcloud should I just download it and re-edit?

    • B Short
      March 18, 2013

      Just like video, regular/constant saves (even under new names) is clutch. It sounds like the wav/mp3 files that you were working with got torched? I’d say go ahead and download it and re-edit.

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