Digital and Analog Storytelling

The entire history of human expression, slightly abridged

Audio essay, draft and final: “Autofill”


First of all, I totally ripped this idea off.

Last night I went to a poetry event, “In Praise of Wildness,” organized by Jaime Delp. The purpose of the event was to draw awareness to a recent Michigan law regarding the hunting of wolves.

At the reading, the poet Stephanie Douglass read a poem which was filled with autofill results relating to animals, and I immediately thought, I’m totally stealing that for the dating show.

The autofill spelunking only took five or ten minutes or something, typing in the beginning of a dozen phrases or so and writing down the funniest ones, then rearranging them so they had some kind of flow.

Then, onto the recording.

In class we talked about what recording devices people were using, and roughly half the class said iPhone, so I thought I’d try mine out and see how it worked.

Then I taped my wife playing “Heart and Soul” (GET IT!!?!?!?!!), and threaded that through the second half of the piece.

Here’s the result:

So, at first I blamed the iPhone. I held it away from my mouth but the Ps and Ss still popped and hissed. It sounded scratchy, too scratchy for my taste anyway. I wanted to just go back and use my handheld, but I stuck it out (pat pat on the back).

I tried four or five different configurations of mouth-to-mic choreography before I decided to just speak more softly and hold the mic very close. That yielded by far the best result, so I went with it.

The music was a little quiet so I pumped it up, yielding this final draft, which I’m much happier with.


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