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How to Be a Superhero


  1. Experience personal tragedy.
  2. Spend years suffering.
  3. Gain powers.
  4. Decide to use powers for good.
  5. Notice people with powers who have experienced precisely zero edifying personal tragedies.
  6. Pummel them.
  7. Kill no one, especially not super-powered bad guys who enact horror without experiencing it, that way you ensure that you will never be without something very important and dangerous to do, thereby bypassing any opportunity for self-reflection or personal growth.
  8. Get a boyfriend.
  9. Save him from bad guys.
  10. Or, you know, fail to save him.
  11. Either way, you feel lonely.
  12. Develop self-doubt.
  13. Develop something slightly more powerful and distracting than self-doubt, such as multiple personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, psychotic breakdown, &etc.
  14. Run amok.
  15. Get cured.
  16. There you are, lonely again.
  17. Pummel something.
  18. Join a team.
  19. Oh my god, teams are bull$^$&.
  20. Go solo again.
  21. Once more with the pummeling.
  22. Wonder, is this it?
  23. Am I trapped?
  24. Trapped in a cycle?
  25. A cycle of what?
  26. Spend hours ignoring your police scanner and just flying or swinging or whatever it is you do around the city.
  27. A little “me” time.
  28. Someone far far (far!) below you screams.
  29. A purse-snatching.
  30. Maybe a kidnapping.
  31. If you’re lucky.
  32. Hang in the air for a split second.
  33. That’s how long it lasts, a split second, but it feels like an eternity as you decide what you are going to become now.
  34. A hero, again?
  35. A bad guy?
  36. Nobody?
  37. A gardener or janitor who just pretends to not have superpowers?
  38. What would the one important person that you lost say if you told them the janitor idea?
  39. Can you remember their voice?
  40. Their face?
  41. No to both.
  42. Who is even talking right now?
  43. Who is listening?
  44. A hero.
  45. If you can make it in time.
  46. Hold on, you think at the person screaming far below.
  47. I’m coming.

For the daily create, tdc432.

3 comments on “How to Be a Superhero

  1. streetflower
    March 18, 2013

    I tried all this. No success. Help!! 😦

    • B Short
      March 18, 2013

      Spider bite? Magic lantern? Born on Krypton?

      I’m out of ideas.

      • streetflower
        March 18, 2013

        Sorry, it’s not your fault. The magic Lantern I could try. I know the Blue Lantern from ‘Out of Africa’. Sad Story ):
        You are a superhero?

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