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The entire history of human expression, slightly abridged

Welcome to DS Visual


Welcome to DS Visual!

This is the last section of the semester, although, kind of, sort of, it’s really two different sections, Design and Photography.

We’ll be starting with design, which includes some general ideas about graphic design (contained in the CTools readings) and some basic graphic and photo manipulation exercises. You’ll be getting to know Gimp (or Photoshop, if you’re into that) pretty well during this section.

During the final sub-section of class, we’ll be focusing (get it?) on photography: how to frame pictures, how to begin thinking about composition, how to take compelling photographs of action, landscapes, objects, portraits.

During the Design section, you will have four projects due every week (this week is shorter, and only has two; also, projects completed or begun in class don’t count). The assignment options (you’ll have two choices each time) will be posted on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

For the fourth project, you’ll be making something on your own. These can be projects that you see going around (“What people think I do” went around Facebook ten or twenty million years ago, remember? Also, face-swaps are always fun), or they can be assignments from the DS106 assignment bank, or from the interwebs.

When you finish a project, blog it! Post it to your blog and tell us what you did and why you did it.

Also, check out what other UMDSt students are making on their blogs! They’re a great place for inspiration.

The daily creates from are no longer required. That having been said, if you do them, please post them to your blog so we can can take a look!

During photography, you will be taking a new photo a day. I’ll post all of the photography assignments at the beginning of the week, and you’ll have the entire week to take all seven photos. The idea is to have everyone taking the same photos on the same day, but if you miss one and have to take it later, that’s fine.

Also, your photo essay, entitled “My People,” is due on April 16. Don’t wait until we start talking about photography to take some pictures! You’ll want to be brainstorming about what kinds of photos that you want to take for your project. You’ll need ten compelling pictures. If you start taking some and want to talk about them in class (even if we’re still in design), just ask!


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