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A Night at the Moth!!!!! (comic book effect)


So I started by adding comic book effects to a few different pictures, but most of them looked better in the original. Or, if not better, they weren’t particularly compelling as comic book pictures.

They were all photos from last night’s Moth, so I decided to combine them all into one picture with white space in between, to imitate the way real comic book panels work (I mean “work” as loosely as possible here, okay).

So I made this photo using Pic Stitch:

at the moth 1

All of the photos are from last night except the largest one, the shot of Satori Shakoor, our host, from the side of the stage. That one is from last month.

So, I took the five photo layout and put it through this process:

The robot voice is kind of creepy, but it’s a great, quick tutorial, and the effect is awesome.

It’s also pretty satisfying taking some photos which were a little dodgy in the first place–the Circus Bar is awesome, but the lighting makes my pictures look like they’re painted by an impressionist just before he’s poisoned by absinthe, right, it’s like there’s always a leg missing from that table–so it was really nice figuring out a way to make them work a little harder.

I also really love the one in the lower left. That guy’s awesome, and he does everything–for us and the bar–and I see him doing that a lot, scanning the crowd, so it was nice to capture that moment.

I filled a couple of boxes in with orange and wrote some text using Universal Fruitcake, which is a great comic book typeface.

Anyway, here’s the final–

at the moth 3

Check out more examples of comic book effects at the DS106 assignment bank.

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