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Albums without Sound

So, the first thing you should do if you haven’t already, is go check out Eric Sena’s “Albums without Sound” tumbler here.

For class everybody had to pick out their favorite album. It was hard, but I finally landed on this one:



There’s a lot to like here, the muted, almost nostalgic effect of the colors, all sleepy oranges and pinks and blues. My favorite part is the legend, which I’m not entirely sure was attached to the original image. It’s entirely possible that it was manufactured for the album cover (borrowed from another picture/map somewhere, I’m sure). Also, the way that the typefaces for the band name and album title both seem somewhat similar to the type on the map but they also stand out, too clean, too Swiss to actually be a part of the original legend, and that difference draws our eye.

Also, that great burn hole (from the original picture, I’m sure) and the way it ties in with “Change Has Its Enemies.”

Of course, after spending time with “Albums without Sound,” I had to make my own.

I cropped the original photo. It was too wide, so I cut in on the sides. I wanted to isolate the rock in the foreground, so I cut some of the bottom out. Then, I wanted the horizon to appear approximately 2/3 up from the bottom of the photograph, so I sliced off some of the top. The typefaces are Helvetica Neue on top and Champagne and Limousines on the bottom.

Albums without sound 2

PS: Okay, so I gave it one more pass.

I trimmed a little more off of each side, and I shrank the letters of the band name, put spaces between them, and dragged them closer to the horizon.

I also outlined the letters of the title in a color that I eyedroppered from the sunset above the horizon line.

To do the letter outline, just right-click on the image in the layer dialog, click on SELECT PIXELS. Then go to SELECT>MODIFY>EXPAND (I did it by 2 pixels for this).

Once you have the extra space, you add a new layer beneath the text layer that you’re working with. Select that layer, and then use your brush to fill in the color in the selected space (ants marching will tell you where you’ve selected).

Here’s take 2:

Albums without sound 4

PPS: Okay, so one more thing I did was I added a layer mask to the band name letters (again, by right-clicking and clicking SELECT PIXELS to outline the letters), dragged them up a little so some of the word would be behind the mountains, and erased (by clicking on the layer mask and painting with a black brush) that portion of the letters that was behind the mountains.

The second iteration looked good because the word ‘surveillance’ seemed like something that should be sitting on the horizon, holding it down, kind of. But then, I thought, what if the word was sort of hiding behind the hills, as if it were watching. What’s it watching? The stone? The viewer? The viewer looking at the stone? The juxtaposition seemed fruitful.

Here’s the third final draft:

Albums without sound 5


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