Digital and Analog Storytelling

The entire history of human expression, slightly abridged

The Final Keystone/Capstone/Ask-a-mason-what-it-is Project


Only five classes left!!!!

As we approach the end of our class, it’s time to think about a capstone project, something that students can point to afterwards, something that will communicate something important–whether it is specific concepts, general feelings, or particular moments from class experiences or projects–to future UMDSt students and to the greater body of U-M students and faculty.

From here, students get to self-select what project they want to work on. Students working on the same project will collaborate. Students working on their own project need to be very careful that they will be able to do it in the time allotted (two full weeks; but in that time, we are also doing photography, so…).

Some ideas so far:

  • Creator documentary. Students set a goal–to take twenty student portraits a week, to make something with the 3-D printer in the Dude–and then they work together to document themselves trying to reach that goal.
  • Harlem Shake. Two things: One, the students who conceived of this thought it was important that I note that I would be the starter. Two, we should probably address at some point, in some way, this video and the perspective that it depicst.
  • A series of minimalist posters, either ads or ad-style poster for UMDSt or else posters displaying concepts from class.
  • A UMDSt logo (possible badges?).
  • UMDSt motion comics.
  • A commercial for the class.
  • A series of animated gifs–gifs from video projects, Beardfish gifs, student and instructor reaction gifs, elemental and universal UMDSt moments.

I think these are amazing ideas, and I’m really, really excited to see what everyone comes up with. I’m also excited to make stuff!!!!


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