Digital and Analog Storytelling

The entire history of human expression, slightly abridged

Photo essay assignment

CC Potomas Photography

CC Potomas Photography

Photographic essay—“My People”


On time. Final draft due April 22, a gallery of all ten images posted to your blog with analysis by class time.

On theme The title of the photo essay is “My People,” and should reflect that theme. It doesn’t have to simply be a series of portraits—although it can be—but every piece should somehow reflect that theme, and it should be a fundamental part of the essay and of each photograph.

Craft and intention. The photos should show care with regard to the concepts that we will be going over in class—rule of thirds, dynamic and static composition, conflict within the frame, universal thematic elements. If your photographs use unorthodox craft choices (completely absent of people, for example), then these choices must be fully defended in your blog post.

Self-analysis. Your blog post (600 words, revised and proofread) should explain thoroughly why you chose to photograph (or alter your photographs) in the way that you did. It should also make clear why you included these photographs, and not others. Have you gone to pains to include unifying elements—similar perspectives or lighting, similar color palettes or settings—or have you gone the other way, altering the photographs in various ways, varying your vantage point as much as possible, in order to make some specific point? What meaningful connection do you yourself draw between the title—“My People” and the photographs? Explain.



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