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CRAZY DAMES! A Seuss-Twilight Zone remix

crazy dames

The best line by far from “The Midnight Sun,” which I watched as part of DS106’s “DS106zone,” was this line, spoken by the intruder (played with awesome, campy mercuriality by Tom Reese):

Crazy dames! It’s too hot to play games.

The line was too, too good to pass up.

Hearing it, I immediately thought of Dr. Seuss, one fish two fish, I will not eat it with a cat.

Thinking of Dr. Seuss, I knew what I needed to do.

I grabbed the photo off of a google search, then I painted in the color bars and added the text, shooting for strong primary colors to give it that real SEUSSY Seuss-ness.

The typefaces I used are all Seussian fan builds, “How to do something,” “Green Eggs Light,” and “Green Eggs Bold.”

Then I downloaded the Twilight Zone logo and slapped it on the bottom.

This episode was written by the great Rod Serling, and I can remember when, in college, I realized that Serling wrote TZ episodes. When I was a kid watching them–on PBS, maybe? Does that sound right?–I always thought Serling was just some celebrity with a cool voice like Robert Mitchum or Bing Crosby. I thought of him as a spokesperson and  not as a writer-creator, what today people would call a showrunner, maybe.

Anyway. This was a great episode, dealing with classic TZ themes of apocalyptic annihilation and characters infatuated with darkness. It doesn’t get better.

Here’s a blank one if you want it. (And here’s the assignment!)

Have fun, you crazy kids.

crazy dames open


2 comments on “CRAZY DAMES! A Seuss-Twilight Zone remix

  1. Jim Groom
    May 29, 2013

    Again, this is awesome, loving the fun you are having, and he is the easiest thug to love by sure.

  2. cekp123
    May 30, 2013

    Haha definitely laughed out loud at that part, this is great!

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