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Minimalist gif poster “Time Enough at Last”




Inspired by Cogdog‘s awesome “I Can Read!” gif poster for “Eye of the Beholder,” I decided to make a poster of my own in a more minimalist style for “Time Enough at Last.”

I started this RIGHT after listening to Tim and Jim (hey that rhymes!) talk about The Noun Project and Adobe Kuler, so I made use of both of those.

The color scheme I worked with is called “Day of Reckoning,” which I thought was almost too on the nose for this assignment, but hey, I like how it turned out. I was looking for a five-color group that included two different blues for the sky (different sky colors in the lenses would give a sense that the times were different, or so I figured) and two colors that could work for the ground beneath those skies.

The green was left over, so I went and split the poster down the middle and painted one side with it. Originally, the whole thing was going to be white.

Then, also based on Tim and Jim’s discussion, I went ahead and played a little with typography. I kept it all one typeface in the beginning, which I changed to four separate typefaces for the second slide, to give a sense of the chaotic feeling at the end of the episode, and also communicate a sense of fracturing, like poor Burgess Meredith’s glasses.

And how about a hand for B-Murge? That guy is killing it.

Eye glasses by Francesco Terzini.

House information icon by Nicholas Menghini.

Ruins icon by Paulo Volkova.


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