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To Serve Learners teaser trailer

Guess who's back?

Don’t worry, you’ll be delicious

Sorry, everybody, I just couldn’t resist.

After Cogdog sent out an advanced preview of the first bit of “To Serve Learners,” the satirical radio play for Ds106zone’s audio week, I went ahead and grabbed a few scenes from the original episode that the play is based on, the awesome “To Serve Man” episode, then I photoshopped in the faces of all of the radio players.

I tried not to spend too much time messing around with getting the faces blended in with the background, just had to get it done because of time constraints. Still, it was way fun making it. And bagman’s back as the Katamit!

“To Serve Man” showed up earlier in the DS106zone in Andrew Forgrave‘s wicked hilarious animated gif set from the start of the term. If you haven’t hit them up yet, do it quick.

Without further delay, here’s the teaser:


One comment on “To Serve Learners teaser trailer

  1. amcandre
    June 21, 2013

    haha someone is a bag head

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