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It’s Subtle

Our hero, just before the return journey

Our hero, just before the return journey

This shot is from George Melies‘s amazing La Voyage Dans la Lune, my absolute favorite movie from that very first age of cinema, known to some people as Early Cinema, but which I call Everything Sucks Except George Melies.

To answer your unspoken question, yes, I will be talking about this old cinema stuff all month long.

The most famous shot from the movie is the moon’s face, which seems to be one of the first closeups of a human face in cinema history, which is sort of hilarious, since it’s just personification. As in, they couldn’t think of a good reason to just look at a human face unless it was also a celestial body. Or whatever.

La Lune that La Voyage was all about

I don’t love everything about the framing of the animated gif. The dude on the right is just kind of standing there, but it’s the clearest shot I could get and still have the entire space bullet in the frame and the window into it completely unobstructed.

At first I didn’t like how small J.G. was, and then I remembered all that smack he talked about state schools and public education, and I was like, “What? Make him even smaller.”

Now I’m a day behind on giffing, but I have no no idea what to do for the DS106 poster prompt, so I’m gonna take a day. Bonne chance, mes amis (mes amies? maze amy’s?).

Here’s the original video if you want to watch it (it’s rad!):


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